Virtual Terminals

Sometimes, a credit card terminal is not quite what a merchant needs to process credit cards for the business. PC software fits that niche, with software you can utilize on your PC for both retail sales and keyed transactions.

Do you have a clunky old credit card terminal sitting on your countertop that you’d like to replace with a PC-based solution? The age of the virtual terminal has arrived! Virtual terminals reside on your PC and process your sales via your high-speed internet connection.

Virtual terminals work well for both retail and MOTO merchants. With a virtual terminal, you can eliminate sharing fax lines and dedicated phone lines.

ePNPlugIn for QuickBooks®

eProcessing Network offers the ePNPlugIn for QuickBooks®, a robust plug-in that allows merchants real-time processing of credit card, debit card and check transactions directly within QuickBooks, the leading accounting software. Merchants can take advantage of processing transactions and applying payments to open invoices in one easy step, saving time and money by avoiding double-entry and reducing the number of accounting errors.

The ePNPlugIn is compatible with QuickBooks® Pro, QuickBooks® Premier and QuickBooks® Enterprise Solutions, and it easily downloads the merchant’s internet, POS, mobile and recurring transactions directly into their QuickBooks solution.