It’s Easy to get Started with the Spire Fundraising Solution:

Step 1) Give us a call at 1-800-545-5612 and one of our friendly team members will talk with you about your event needs and how the Spire Fundraising Solution can support you with a quick, easy and affordable solution. Be sure to contact us 6-8 weeks ahead of your event.

 Step 2) Complete the new client application for the processor that we feel will best meet your needs. Upon completion and submission of the application, we will send you the final documents for signature.

 Step 3) About 10 days before your event, Spire will send (via UPS) your payment processing equipment, all configured and ready to go! You will receive:

  • Chromebook with WiFi connectivity
  • Mouse with USB connection
  • Credit card reader with USB connection
  • VISA/Mastercard/Discover/American Express signage
  • Durable carrying case
  • Data security signage
  • WiFi and MiFi setup instructions
  • Portal login information
  • UPS prepaid return labels

 Step 4) Training and Event Setup: Contact the Spire Payment Solutions training hotline at 1-800-545-0806 for easy step-by-step instructions on how to take advantage of all the Spire Portal features. Prior to event day, make sure to test its functions and connectivity at the event venue.

 Step 5) Post Event Wrap Up: Your event was a success! All your auction data is fully accessible on your devices through the Spire Portal website. No need to keep the Spire equipment. Just box up all the equipment in our carry case and ship it back with the prepaid UPS label. For your convenience, the results of the credit card transactions can be accessed through your own PC. Simply go to and log in using the same credentials you used at your event

Step 6) Ongoing Support: Spire Payment Solutions staff is here to provide you with full post-event support and financial accounting. Contact us with any questions, and we’ll see you again next year!


The Spire Portal from Spire Payment Solutions provides your organization a gateway to a whole new world of event payment processing. Let your guests experience a night to remember with out the hassle of long check out lines. The Spire Portal provides your organization the opportunity for greater guest satisfaction and better retention rates for future events

To help you gain an appreciation for the power and simplicity of the Spire Portal, please watch the following videos:

How The Spire Portal Works

An introductory video to all the features of the Spire Portal that shows how easy it is to use, along with the benefits to you when you use it to manage your event payments.

Pre-Event Capabilities

Get ready for your big day with the Spire Portal by accepting and processing credit card payments for advance ticket sales.

The Big Night Arrives

Enjoy a worry-free event thanks to the Spire Portal, which makes the check-in process a breeze and supports a smooth checkout process.

Post-Event Processing

The lights have gone down on your event. Now, it’s time to get paid. Process your credit card transactions through the Spire Portal in just a few mouse clicks.


Spire Payment Solutions is a registered MSP/ ISO of US Bank NA.