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Spire Portal Quick Tour Videos

Take a few minutes and just see just how easy and powerful the Spire Portal truly is.  While your watching these short videos, just think of how easy the Portal could make your next fundraising event go.

Or if you are looking to get rid of your old credit card terminal, just imagine how Express can make that happen.

For a more in depth look at how the Portal can get your guests quickly and efficiently in the doors at the beginning of the eventing and out the doors at the end of the night, we have created “How To” videos for your to enjoy.

SPIRE Express

  • Non-profit support that accommodates small to medium sized events needing to accept credit card payments.
  • SPIRE Basic can be also be utilized by seasonal businesses, or merchants who occasionally need to access a mobile credit card processing solution.
  • SPIRE Basic provides “on-line” credit card transactions , ensuring a quick and speedy check out for your patrons.
  • Set up is quick and easy, there are no phone or internet cables to worry about, and operation of the equipment is a snap! View additional Spire Express Videos.

SPIRE Portal

The Spire Portal is designed to be able to communicate with virtually any event management software you may be currently working with.

  • The Spire Portal will also allow you to sell tickets in advance and assign bidder numbers. Our premier option, specifically designed for medium to large sized events.
  • Patrons can pre-register for your event, or check in upon arrival. An end to end solution that will allow attendees to spend freely and enjoy the event from beginning to end!
  • Once your event is completed, patrons simply pick up their itemized receipt detailing donations and purchases; pick up their merchandise and leave.
  • There are no lines to wait in while credit card transactions are processed

Quick Tour – Charity Events

Quick Tour – Retail installations

Spire Payment Solutions is a registered MSP/ ISO of US Bank NA.