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Spire Portal Fundraising Payment Solutions

Spire Payment Solutions has developed two web based Quick ChecOut solutions designed to make your fundraising event a greater success.

Spire Portal

The Spire Portal is our flag ship product designed to create a Quick CheckOut solution for organization hosting a fundraising event.

What is Quick CheckOut?  Simply put, we safely store a guests bid number and a credit card number on an offsite server.  When the guest is ready to leave the event, they can gather their purchases and leave without standing in a long checkout lines.


Spire Portal has the following features:


  • Pre-Event Sales Allows organizations to sell tickets pre-event vial a call in orders.
  • Allows an organization to preregister a guest for quick CheckOut.

Register A Guest For Quick CheckOut

  • Store a guests Bid number and credit card for Quick CheckOut at the end of the event.


  • After the event has concluded, sometimes there is a need to process a credit card sale.  The Post-Event functionality provides the ability to process a live credit card sale.

 Sync 1

  • The sync 1 report is a CSV report that the shows what guests have registered a card for Quick CheckOut.

Sync 2

  • The Sync 2 provide an organization the ability to upload a CSV file with Bid numbers and balances due for the Quick CheckOut guests.  When a file is uploaded to Spire, we match the stored bid numbers, credit cards, and balances due and we run the batch for the organization.  The Sync 2 makes processing the credit card sales quick and easy.

Sync 3

  • The Sync 3 is the batch report for  the credit card transactions processed on the Sync 2.



The Spire Portal is a PCI compliant payment solution.  We have designed the Spire Portal to never store credit card data on any PC or tablet accessing the Portal.  Spire Payment Solutions does not store credit card data on our servers as well.  Our gateway eProcessing Networks (ePN) stores the bid number and the card data.  The card data is encrypted and absolutely not able to be accessed, even by the staff of ePN.   All credit card data is transmitted on a secured connection and also encrypted when being transmitted to ePN.

The Portal is a Turnkey solution:

We want to make an organizations fundraising endeavors as easy as possible, so we deploy a complete solution to our clients.  When an organization is hosing an event, we will send the following equipment:

  • A Tablet or netbook (small laptop PC) to access the Spire Portal via the Internet. We recommend 1 tablet / netbook for every 100 anticipated guests.
  • A Verizon MiFI to provide internet access.
  • A credit card reader for each Tablet / netbook.
  • Mouse
  • Complete training.

spire portal eq1









Since the Spire Portal is a web based solution, there is no need to network the tablets / netbooks together.  The Spore Portal is truly a “Plug and Play” solution.

In addition, the Spire Portal is a fully integrated solution with Auction Systems Auction!   For more information regarding Auction! please click here:Auction hammer2

For more information on the functionality of the Spire Portal, please see our on-line videos:


Portal Basic

Portal Basic is a scaled down version of the Spire Portal.   If you have a small organization that is managing your fundraising event on a spreadsheet, Portal Basic is for you.

Portal Basic provides your guests the ability to have a Quick CheckOut experience at the end of the event like the Portal, with the exception Spire Basic does not have the Sync 2 capabilities.


With Spire Basic, you have the choice of running a guests card at the time of departure, or you can wait for the event to end an at your leisure, enter each sale one at at a time.

Like the Spire Portal, Spire Basic is a turnkey solution.

Spire Portal White

Whether you are hosting a large gala event or a small back sale, the Spire Portal has a solution that will make running your event easier and make your guests experience more pleasurable and allow them to SPEND SPEND SPEND !