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PremierPay – A Complete Accounts Receivable Solution


PremierPay is a web based accounts receivable solution designed to meet the the changing market place and provide your valued clients a convenient way to pay for goods or services received.

What can PremierPay do?

  • You can create an easy to use database of your clients or customers.
  • Safely store credit card data so you can process an on demand credit card sales
  • Safely store your clients checking account information so you can process an on demand e-check.
  • Process a swipe credit card sale.
  • Document a cash or check payment received from your client.

What are the benefits of using PremierPay?

  • Reduce your businesses accounts receivables and increase cash flow.
  • You can safely store your clients credit card information under PCI compliant conditions.
  • Your accounting / sales staff can process credit card or e-check sales from their desk. No more running over to the credit card machine or waiting for a check in the mail.
  • If your company delivers goods or services to your clients, your staff can collect payment in the field using a mobile device such as a smart phone or tablet.
  • PremierPay provides your company the ability easily process voids and refunds.
  • PremierPay provides your accounting staff with a full suite of reports.
  • PremierPay has the ability to integrate with QuickBooks.
  • PremierPay is a web based solution, so there is no need to down load additional software.
  • PremierPay is easy to use, with a few minutes of orientation, you or your staff will be using PremierPay like a pro!
  • PremierPay is cost effective.

What types of businesses can use PremierPay?

  • Virtually any business large or small can use PremierPay.  If your company accepts credit cards, cash or checks (both personal or business), PremierPay is a great option.
  • Any company that delivers goods or services to their clients and would like to collect payment upon delivery or completion of service.
  • Pizza restaurants or pizza delivery businesses will benefit from the power of PremierPay.  Customers that call in orders frequently can be put in PremierPay so payment can easy be done while ordering their pizza or the delivery person can collect payment upon delivery.
  • Sales forces can easily set up a new client in the field and collect payment at the time of sale.
  • There are an endless number of possibilities.


Whether you have a single or multiple location business, a service or a sales force, PremierPay is a easy to use, easy to implement and a scalable solution designed to meet the needs of your business.