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How to Use The Spire Portal At Your Fundraising Event

Videos of just how easy the Spire Portal is to use for your fundraising event

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To help gain an appreciation of the power and simplicity of the Spire Portal, we have created the following videos.

1) Introduction to the Spire Portal
2) Spire Portal Pre-Event
3) Spire Portal Event
4) Spire Portal Post-Event

How The Spire Portal Works

How it Works – Pre Event | Spire Portal

How it Works – Event | Spire Portal

How it Works – Post Event | Spire Portal

Advantages of the Spire Payment Solutions:[p

1) The Spire Solutions are very user friendly
2) The Spire Payment Solutions are safe: no credit card information is stored on the netbooks. All stored credit cards are stored on secure servers’ offsite.
3) No long term contracts. We open and close events based on the organizations needs without entering into contracts.
4) Spire Payment Solutions are turnkey solutions. When our boxes arrive, they will have your specifically configured netbooks ready for your use.
5) When your event is over, all you will need to do is place the systems back in the boxes and send them back to us using the preprinted return UPS labels.

What to Expect:

Step 1) Contact Spire Payment Solutions and we will explore what solution will best meet your event needs. (Please allow at least a 6-8 week lead time in scheduling your event)

Step 2) Spire Payment Solutions will send you our starter application which provides us with some basic business information to establish your account.

Step 3) After the application has been processed, Spire will send you the final agreement documents.

Step 4) 10 days prior to your event, Spire will UPS your equipment to you configured and ready to go.

Step 5) When you receive the Spire System, please note that all units will have the following items:

- Netbook (With AT&T connectivity)
– Micro Mouse with a USB connection
– Help manual (PDF version in the Help Guide folder.
– Star SM-S200 printer or a Woosim printer if you are utilizing the Spire Express solution
– ID Tech or a MAGTEK card reader with a USB connection.
– Power cords
– Extra paper for the printer
– VISA/MC plastic tent
– Plastic carrying case
– User name and password sheet for logging onto the Portal.
– UPS pre-paid return labels

Step 6) Prior to your event, be sure to become familiar with the Spire System. Each Spire netbook has Spire Express Tutorial (3.8Meg) document  and a Spire Portal Tutorial (1.6Meg) document on its desktop

Step 7) After your event is over, all you will need to do is use the check list to make sure all the equipment is back in the case. Box up the case and use the pre-paid UPS label to ship the equipment back to Spire.

Step 8) Upon receipt of the equipment, Spire will make sure all the items sent with the Spire System have been returned. Spire will then generate and issue a final statement and invoice for the use of the system.


Spire Payment Solutions is a registered MSP/ ISO of US Bank NA.