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Virtual Terminal

Do you have a clunky old credit card terminal sitting on your counter top that would like to replace with a PC based solution?  The age of the virtual terminal has arrived!  Virtual terminals reside on your PC and transact your sales via your high speed internet connection.

Virtual terminals work well for retail merchants and MOTO merchants.  With a virtual terminal, you can eliminate sharing fax lines and dedicated phone lines.

Virtual Terminals


Spire Payment Solutions – PremierPay

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PremierPay is Spire Payment Solutions answer for those businesses looking for a complete PC / web bases payment solution.or more information about PremierPay, click the PremierPay icon below:








Spire Payment solutions preferred gateway

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  • Process payments securely through your in-store computer (with or without additional peripherals ) — no need for a separate POS terminal.
  • Process your payment over your existing Internet —eliminate the need for extra telephone lines.
  • The eProcessing Network Retail application — ePNJPOS — supports card and check reading devices, cash drawers, scanners, and PIN pad/signature capture devices.
  • Merchants receive real-time responses from cardholder’s issuing banks and batches are automatically settled every day.
  • Detailed, consolidated transaction reporting reduces the amount of errors caused by manual entry.
  • Integrates easily with the ePN suite of products like ePNMobile, ePNPlugIn, our QuickBooks Plug-in, ePNInventory, our inventory management solution, and ePNRecur, our integrated recurring transaction solution.
  • Print customizable receipts to your existing Windows®-compatible printer or receipt printer, or send electronic receipts — providing added customer convenience.


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