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Client Testimonials

All of us here at Spire Payment Solutions are very proud of our fundraising solutions, and always enjoy hearing what our clients are saying about us.

Here are a few testimonials we have received:

“For the past three years, we have used manual credit card processing from our local bank for our annual fundraiser.  We had a lot of complaints about our check in/check out process and, being in charge of the auction, it caused lots of stress on me because I hated to see people having to wait in line to check-out.  So we began searching for a solution.

We chose Spire for many reasons:

1) the ease of taking their credit card information in the beginning to “hold” it if they made a purchase (we’ve had several people make pledges at the end of the night but never pay for them)

2) Even if they did purchase something, they didn’t have to wait in line to pay because everything would be taken care of and 3) it integrated really well with the Auction Software.

This year, I can honestly say, it was the smoothest check-in / check-out we have ever had.  It was so smooth I thought something had to be wrong!  We had very little, if any, resistance from individuals giving us their credit card at the beginning of the night and there was never a line at check-out – NEVER!  We are thrilled we found this product and plan on using more options for our event next year.  

The staff, Kristin and Bill, were wonderful to work with and answered every question quickly.  They even provide multiple video tutorials on the best ways to set up your auction, auction flow ideas and more.
I would highly recommend Spire to any organization that utilizes Auction Software.  You will not be sorry.”

Amanda Huddleston
Co-Chair, Lexington Rotary Club


“Spire Payment Solutions has been very helpful to our school.  Wichita State University keeps growing it’s success yearly and as so the events that we have keep getting larger.  Auction Systems together with Spire Payment Solutions have been a great help in keeping everything secure and organized. 

When you have an events where over 1000 people show up speed and security is very important.  With the Spire payment solutions option available at check in of our events, the invitee knows that they will not need to worry about payment at the end of the evening, and therefore makes Check out a lot fast and smoother. 

One of the biggest benefit of using Spire Payment Solutions is  the fact that it is not a live transition purchase, this allows us to make sure that any human mistakes that could have happened during a high paced auction, like not recognized the writing on bidder sheets and therefore charging the incorrect person, or the winner decides that it is not a purchase he wants after all, you have the time to double check the work of the evening at a later more paced time.”

Thank you and GO SHOCKERS!

Pauline Berry
Administrative Assistant of Athletic Marketing and Development

“Spire has been an amazing asset to our auction committee.  Prior to discovering Spire, our PTA utilized Pay Pal to process all of our credit card transactions.  This meant that we incurred long lines when it came time for our guests to check out the night of the event, each card had to be swiped by a knuckle buster, the guest had to sign the form and then each transaction had to be phoned in separately. 
Needless to say, we didn’t finish processing these transactions until mid-July when our auction date was in May!  This also meant that we were not fully utilizing our Auction! Systems software because no wanted to be bothered with entering all of the payments manually.

Spire has allowed us to turn our little PTA auction into a professional event.  It is so easy for the guests to swipe their cards using the laptop or tablet system (we have been lucky enough to use both over the past two years).
Because this information is captured and synced to our Auction software, there are no long lines at check out.  It is so easy to process the credit cards and we get the money into our account within two weeks (could be sooner depending on when you do the final sync).  All of the payment info is captured in the software which enables us to run detailed reports on all purchases.

This year we added the pre-event registration process which allowed our guests to buy their tickets online.  We saw a 30% increase in our ticket sales which we attribute to the ease of purchase provided by Spire!
I truly believe that the Spire system has had a positive impact on our event.  I don’t have to worry about the registration process which allows me as a co-chair to focus on other aspects of the auction.  I have also now been able to fully utilize all of the functionality available through the Auction! Systems software. 

As long as I am involved with this event, we will continue to utilize Spire.”

Broadview Thompson, PTA


“Healing Pathways chose Spire Payment systems after reviewing several other payment systems and found Spire to be the most user friendly, cost effective, and found it to be the best suited system to use with the Auction System software for our event.

Through out the whole process of purchasing, installing, managing, and wrapping up the payment from our event was made so much easier due to the wonderful personal training and assistance we received from the staff at Spire Payment System.
Our organization is a very small non for profit and I  the( Executive Director) is the only full time staff person and at times felt overwhelmed regarding what all had to be completed regarding the event. Kristen’s patience shown to me was outstanding and would walk me through the process step by step!!

I can’t say how much I appreciated the personal touch and the availability that was given to us at any given time when needed.
Thank you Spire Payment for assisting us in completing a success event to help raise funds to provide supportive and psychosocial services to cancer patients, cancer survivors, and their caregivers!!

We have several events that will be coming up in the near future and we will be using Spire Systems again for those events!!! “

Kathleen Hughes
Executive Director
Healing Pathways-Cancer Resource Center


“Our experience with Spire far exceeded our expectations!  When I took over as Gala chair, I asked for feedback from past events and overwhelmingly guests were unhappy with the slow check out process. This prompted me to research solutions. 

Through the Auction! software I learned of Spire’s quick checkout system and decided to give it a try.  Right away I was impressed by how knowledgeable their team was and how responsive.  They were all a delight to work with! 

We first used their online credit card processing for ticket purchases and donations and that went exceedingly well with our guests raving about how easy it made ticket sales.
Then, the quick check out was the hit of our event!  It went off without a glitch and everyone LOVED being able to walk out the door at the end of the night without waiting in a long line. 

I highly, highly recommend Spire to anyone planning an auction!”

Krista K. Gauthier
Development Director
Healing Pathways – Cancer Resource Center

“Spire Testimonial
Our organization was looking for a way to use technology to streamline our payment process at our Gala (800 guests). Auction! software has two preferred vendors and I contacted them both.

Spire contact, Kristin, was very friendly, helpful and answered all of my questions. She kept telling me that their product was easy to use! I was skeptical since I’ve heard that before! We did decide to go with Spire as our vendor and it was pretty close to our event. They did a great job of pulling it all together for us with such short notice.
When Kristin kept telling me it was very easy, I found she was exactly right:

  • Devices were very straightforward to set up and use; very intuitive.
  • Wireless was not problematic with the Spire devices as it had been with other technology we’ve tried at our venue.
  • Customer service was phenomenal! From training to calling our venue contact person to being on-call the night of our Gala – Spire employees were amazing!
  • Training was very thorough; Spire provided training sessions for different volunteers that we had performing different functions relating to our auction and finance areas.
  • Volunteers seeing it first time the night of our Gala didn’t have any problems or run into any glitches. The IT tech we had on stand-by was amazed at how seamless the whole process went (the tech even left early because there wasn’t anything to do!).
  • Synch process and integration with Auction! was so quick and incredibly easy. Everything worked exactly how they said it would work – there were no surprises or error messages.
  • 82% of our patrons that made purchases pre-swiped – the registration process went fast with the devices.

The best part was there were NO lines at the end of the evening with patrons waiting to pay! The stress level was non-existent at the event relating to checkout! The volunteers were bored!!!!!

I whole-heartedly give Spire a big “thumbs-up” and look forward to working with them again next year.”

Mary-Jean Becker
HealthEast Foundation