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Auction Frogs New Client Application & Re-Activation Forms

Thank you for choosing Auction Frogs and Spire Payment Solutions for your fundraising endeavors.

Auction Frogs provides your organization with innovative and simple solutions for conducting online and live auctions.   In addition to the live and online auction solutions, Auction Frogs also offers a Mobile Bidding solution!

Spire Payment Solutions partners with Auction Frogs in providing your organization with an easy and cost efficient solution for accepting credit cards for your events.

Establishing a merchant account for your organization is a quick and easy process.  If you are establishing a new account with us, simply click on the frog next to the link for establishing a new account and fill out our online application.

Once you have submitted your application, you will be emailed a message directing you to print the merchant agreement form (MPA). print the MPA complete the highlighted areas , void a check and fax the MPA and voided check to the fax number provided in the email message.

When we receive the document, we will take it from there and submit the application for approval.  Most of our approvals are acquired with in 24 – 48 hours after being submitted.

Establishing a merchant account is just as easy as that!

Thank you again for choosing Auction Frogs and Spire Payment Solutions.  We are looking forward to working with your organization and helping you to havethebest fundraising experience ever!

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I am new to Auction Frogs and Spire Payment Solutions and would like to set up a new merchant account. 


New US Client

I am a returning client to Auction Frogs and Spire Payment Solutions and would like to reactivate my merchant account. 

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 I am a Canadian Organization that is new to Auction Frogs and Spire and would liker to set up a new account


New Canadian Client