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Company History

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Credit Card Processing for your event

Spire Payment Solutions was established in 2010 as a result of years of experience with our parent company, North Pacific Payment Services. North Pacific Payment Services was established in 1992 by William Ayres Sr. and William Ayres Jr. Their goal was to establish a company that would provide premier merchant services to businesses in the Pacific Northwest. Unlike so many other providers, North Pacific Payment Services took the time to understand a businesses needs and deploy a customized merchant services package. Over the course of time, North Pacific Payment Services grew and established offices across the nation while always holding to their core values of providing correct pricing and customer service.

From it’s inception in 1992 to 2009, North Pacific Payment Services recognized a growing trend in requests made by non profits to provide a temporary solution for card acceptance at fund raising events. Like others in the industry, when those request presented, wireless terminal or terminals utilizing “Store & Forward” programming were deployed. These solutions were adequate, but there were always innate problems with those solutions. Wireless signals are often weak or inconsistent and “store & Forward” terminals are difficult to batch and close.

In 2009 Mark Ayres, the manager of the California office began to wonder, “There must be a better way”. Countless credit card terminal solutions were considered and quickly discarded due to their inadequacies and complications caused by PCI compliance. Out of frustration and numerous dead ends, an early morning coffee meeting was scheduled between Mark and a prominent web developer, Dave Naves of Dave Works. Dave Works list many fortune 500 companies as clients. Listening to Mark and understanding how he wanted to assist non profits in the arena of fundraising, Dave promptly offered this observation: “Get your head out of traditional credit card terminals, step into the future and utilize the worldwide web”. Armed with is new inspiration, the Spire System was developed. A wonderful marriage was created through the union of netbooks connecting to the web via a wireless connection, a virtual terminal and a revolutionary web portal for the storage and processing of credit cards at fund raising events was created.

In the spring of 2010, Spire Payment Solutions was launched. The Spire Payment platform was developed to be flexible in meeting the needs of small fundraising events, all the way up to the largest of gala events. Our system was also developed so that volunteers and people with little to no computer experience or knowledge will be able to operate our system with ease. And better yet, the Spire Portal can virtually work with any software program on the market for the management and running of an event!

The Spire Payment Solution is truly a turnkey solution that is geared to make you fundraising event a success. The Spire Solutions allows you to focus on raising money and enjoying your event.


Spire Payment Solutions is an Elavon Payments Partner & Registered MSP/ISO of Elavon, Inc. Georgia [,a wholly owned subsidiary of U.S. Bancorp, Minneapolis, MN]