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SPIRE Payment Solutions is proud to announce a revolutionary product specifically designed to service the fundraising and auction markets. Recognizing the need to provide superior payment options to non profit organizations and like entities, it is our pleasure to introduce you to SPIRE.

SPIRE PremierPay

  • PremierPay is a web based Accounts Receivable / Donor Management solution .
  • PremierPay Provides you a way to create a database of clients, customers or donors.
  • PremierPays allows you to safely store credit card information and checking account information or on demand payment processing.
  • PremierPay also processes swipe credit card sales and document cash and check sales.
  • PremierPay easy to use and cost effective.

Spire Portal

  • Specifically designed for medium to large sized events.
  • Patrons can pre-register for your event, or check in upon arrival.
  • An end to end solution allowing attendees to spend freely and enjoy the event from beginning to end!
  • No lines to wait in while credit card transactions are processed
  • Compatible with virtually all event management systems.

The Spire Portal is designed to be able to communicate with virtually any event management software you may be currently working with. The Spire Portal will also allow you to sell tickets in advance and assign bidder numbers.
  • Once your event is completed, patrons simply pick up their itemized receipt detailing donations and purchases; pick up their merchandise and leave.
  • Spire Payment Solutions

    is proud to partner with Auction Systems!

    The Spire Portal was designed to meet the needs of a small fundraising event all the way up to a large gala event. The Spire Portal is scalable and cost efficient.

    When your guests show up to your event, the last thing they want to do is stand in long check in and check out lines. The Spire Portal gets your guest in your event quickly and at the end of the night out the door without long lines.

    Spire Payment Solutions deploys turnkey solutions.

    What does that mean?

    No scrounging for laptops, tablets or an internet connection.

    Spire sends it's clients enough tablets or netbooks and a Verizon MiFi for internet connectivity!

    Live and silent benefit events have long been a key component of fundraising for most non-profit organizations. Traditional fundraising events work, but what if they could work better? How can you could broaden your audience? Can you increase the time frame for bidding or even simplified the check in/out station? What if you could raise more money? Auction Frogs offers a solution that can make those questions a reality.

    Fundraising & Commercial Credit Card Processing Made Simple 800-545-5612

    Introducing SPIRE Payment Solutions

    SPIRE Payment Solutions is proud to announce the formation of a revolutionary product specifically designed to service the fundraising and auction markets. Recognizing the need to provide superior payment options to non profit organizations and like entities, it is our pleasure to introduce you to SPIRE.


    is a comprehensive payment platform developed to service any size of event you may be hosting. Any event can be accommodated by using one of our two service options.


    will enhance your events efficiency.


    will help you meet your organizations financial goals.

    Spire Fundraising Payment Solutions

    Spire Payment Solutions has developed three different fundraising payment solutions designed to make your fundraising experience easier and your guests experience more pleasurable.

    Our First Solution Is The Spire Portal

  • The Spire Portal is our flagship solution. The Portal is designed to provide you the following tools for your event:
    1) Sell pre-event tickets, and pre register guests for Quick CheckOut.
    2) The night of the event the Portal provides a quick CheckOut environment so guests do not have to stand in long checkout lines.
    3) The Portal provides you a way to process credit card sales after your event has concluded.
    The Spire Portal is fully integrated with Auction System’s Auction!.
    The Spire Portal is deployed as a turn key solution. We send our clients a MiFi to connect to the internet, tablets or netbooks to access the Portal and card readers. You don’t need additional equipment or network our equipment. It is truly a “Plug and Play” solution.
  • Our Second Solution Is Portal Basic

  • Spire Basic is our scaled down version of the Portal. Basic is a great solution for those organizations hosting a fundraising event, but not opting to manage the event with a software solution. Spire Basic is geared for the spreadsheet event! Spire basic will also provide a way for your guests to have a quick checkout experience at the end of the event.
  • Both the Spire Portal and Spire Basic were designed to be used by your volunteers that may not have a lot of PC’s skills or have never processed a credit card sale in their life.
  • Spire Payment Solutions also sets up cost effective merchant accounts designed to save your business or nonprofit money in credit card processing fee’s.
  • The Spire Portal and Spire Basic are truly turn key solutions. We send our clients all the equipment they will need to service the event.

    Our Third Solution Is PremierPay

    PremierPay is our Accounts Receivable solution that can also function as a donor management solution.

  • Like the Portal, PremierPay is a web based solution that is scaleable for a single or multiple location payment solution. In addition, PremierPay is also a mobile solution.
  • Here are just a few featured of PremierPay:
    1) You can create a database of clients, cutovers or donors.
    2) You can safely store and process credit cards under PCI compliant conditions.
    3) You can safe store and process e-checks for your customers, clients or donors.
    4) PremierPay will process a swiped credit card sale and email a receipt.
    5) You can receive in and document cash or credit card sales for you clients, customers or donors.
  • PremierPay is easy to use, easy to deploy and safe and secure!
  • Whether you are a business, school, church or a nonprofit organization, PremierPay is scaleable to meet your needs.

    Auction Event Software

    Conducting a fundraising event is always a stressful adventure.  There are so many elements to manage: gathering auction items, issuing receipts for donated items, dinner menus, seating arrangements, who is buying what auctioned items, processing the sale of the auctioned items and the list goes on and on.  Whether your organization is a small nonprofit organization or a very large organization, managing your fundraising event with a comprehensive software package is imperative.   Auction Systems’ Auction! is just the software package you need to efficiently manage all aspects of your fundraising event.  Auction! is scalable, cost efficient and easy to learn and use.

    Merchant Services

    Spire Payment Solutions offers a full suite of Merchant Services options for your business or organization.  Whether your business is a Retail based, MOTO (keyed), Internet, Mobile, Wireless, Seasonal or a 501c3 Seasonal organization, Spire Payment Solutions has a custom solution that will fit your exact business needs.

    Security – PCI

    The Spire Portal and Spire Express solutions are both PCI compliant and fully adhere to the security standards set by PCI Security Standards Council.

    Spire Blog

    Are you a nonprofit looking for information about fundraising best practices or articles on how to best choose a Merchant Service provider for your organization?  Take a look at the Spire Blog for helpful articles, we are always adding to our library of information.